NFL quick hits – Week 2

2 weeks almost complete in the NFL season, some random thoughts

– As long as Seattle splits on the road, they will be in the Super Bowl vs Denver
– Don’t be too upset Giants fans, the Broncos are gonna blow alot of teams out
– Oakland can run the ball with DMC, Jennings, Pryor, Reese – pretty dynamic
– Kansas City is going to win a wild card
– Chip Kelly’s offense exhausts defenses, including their own.
– The running back position is really frustrating from a fantasy perspective
– If you’re only watching Redzone or the ticket on one tv, you are doing yourself  a disservice
– I wish Megatron could play against Richard Sherman every week.
– The only terrible team in the NFL is Jacksonville, hopefully they don’t bust in the draft
– Edelman keeps up his targets and stays healthy, the single season catch record is 143(Marvin Harrison)
– The AFC East is finally up for grabs
– Bernard Pierce is the Ravens best running back, just wish we had pass catchers, and Joe Flacco throws the ball into coverage way too much.  Defense is really good though
– The NFC West is clearly the best division
– I’d like to see Mike Glennon as the Tampa Bay quarterback.  The team has potential, and the d hits hard

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