The Pasta Bowl 2016 Post-Draft Team-by-Team Analysis



Whenever I participate in an in-person league draft, like to do something fun post-draft.  So this time, why not waste an hour or two and analyze each team’s draft (especially given espn doesn’t do grades or anything of the sort).  Joe thanks again for inviting me into the league.  (I’ve decided not to do draft grades – b/c it’s just a matter of opinion and who am I to grade anyone).. This is just for my enjoyment so please don’t take any of this too seriously, I just love football.


Team Donofrio (Vinny)

Antonio Brown and Doug Baldwin gives this team a powerful 1-2 punch at the WR position.  Although Team Donofrio neglected the RB position early in the draft, there are players on this roster with high upside in ppr format (Sproles, Duke).  Another great fantasy season by Drew Brees could pay huge dividends for this squad, as reaching for Coby Fleener in the 5th can turn out to be a genius move.. or will regret eventually set in not selecting Arian Foster or Matt Forte in that spot?

Best late round value pick: Devin Funchess – has looked solid this preseason and figures to be a big part of the offense in his sophomore campaign.


Toasted Wonder Bread (Mike)

Toasted Wonder Bread put a clear emphasis on the WR position in the draft with 4 of their top 6 selections being pass catchers.  Mike’s flex spots will almost certainly be filled with WRs week after week.  Arian Foster grabbing a hold of the starting job in Miami (and staying healthy) will be a determining factor in the success of Toasted Wonder Bread.  Waiting until the final two rounds to fill the QB position is a seldom seen strategy, interesting to see how that works out – Mike will have a tough decision each week at the position.  Tennessee’s offense has looked crisp in the preseason behind an imposing offensive line, Mariota could turn out to be one of the best late-round steals of the draft.


Team Hering (Randy)

Team Hering had an outstanding first 5 rounds of the draft – putting together a solid group of WRs and RBs.  The ups and downs of Eli Manning in fantasy is worth noting, but Randy did well in grabbing Tyrod Taylor with his 15th pick.  The biggest question mark for this team is Jimmy Graham, who may not be ready for week 1 due to injury.  If we see the Jimmy Graham of 2013-2014, Team Hering will be a force to be reckoned with..if not, Team Hering may be streaming TEs off the waiver wire week after week.


Team Swift (Swift)

Todd Gurley fell to Swift at #4 overall after WRs were selected 1,2,3 – Gurley is a special player, and if able to stay healthy he has the talent to put up astronomical numbers this season.  Swift might have issues at the RB position after week 3 upon Le’veon Bell’s return. Personally I’m not a big fan of Latavius Murray and DeAngelo Williams loses lots of fantasy value once Bell returns.  Swift has two solid QBs in Palmer and Carr, Alshon will be a target machine, and Amari Cooper is one of the best young players in the NFL.  Swift had an overall good draft, but on a sidenote…who the fuck is Tyler Higbee?


Team Kaluza (Rob)

Well, someone is a Jets fan.  With Marshall and Decker at WR, if last season’s stats are any indication of this year’s production, Rob will very much enjoy watching Jets games on Sunday.  Team Kaluza did a good job with addressing positional need with each of his picks.  The bench spots pose a lot of question marks for team Kaluza; How will Steve Smith bounce back from his season ending injury?  What will we get from Torrey Smith?  Will Darren McFadden see much, if any playing time?  Grabbing McKinnon late was a smart selection, a must handcuff for Peterson owners.  Finally, Kenny Stills may be the best late-round sleeper of the Pasta Bowl draft as long as his recent injury doesn’t linger..he and Tannehill have shown tremendous chemistry throughout the preseason.


Team Presa (Presa)

Hopkins, Jordy, Maclin – Team Presa hands down has the best WR corps in the Pasta Bowl, combine that with matchup nightmare Jordan Reed, Presa will be tormenting opponents with receiving touchdowns throughout the season.  But it comes at a cost, and the RB position is that cost for Team Presa. RB1 Carlos Hyde is a solid rb but always seems to be dinged up, and with Chip Kelly running the show – who knows.  I’m with Presa in regards to DeAndre Washington (see Latavius Murray hate above), my guess is he’ll be the starter by mid-season.  Pryor is a late-round, high upside lottery ticket pick – he’s a physical monster that could end up being one of the great steals of this draft.


Team Kar (Sud)

It’s difficult to gauge this team to be honest.  Langford is a good pick, but still might have been available in the 3rd or 4th rounds.  Sud may have missed an opportunity to pair Allen Robinson with another top flight WR in the 2nd round.  Jordy would have made sense to pair with Aaron Rodgers whom he drafted in the third round.  Sud may have not known of Eifert’s injury when drafting him over Jordan Reed in the 4th.  Even with all of the above, Aaron Rodgers is a true equalizer, if that o-line protects him well he could have a record-breaking season.  Dorial Green-Beckham could be Team Kar’s late-round lottery ticket – a big, physical beast that should have ample opportunity for red zone targets.


Team Sco Lo (Sco Lo)

GRONK!  Waiting until round 3 to grab WR1 didn’t affect Sco Lo as Mike Evans was still on the board.  Evans has looked unstoppable this preseason, shedding some weight and looks to be a target machine for Jameis.  The big question mark for Team Sco Lo is the RB position, with reports coming out today that Charles has yet to solidify the starting running back role in KC.  If Kelvin Benjamin can return to his rookie season form following last season’s season ending injury, the 1-2 punch Sco Lo has at WR could be electric.  Sco Lo is banking on Melvin Gordon living up to his potential after a mediocre rookie season, but did hedge well by selecting Danny Woodhead the following round.  TJ Yeldon figures to be a nice ppr flex option and the rest of the roster is filled out by high upside guys. (And Giants fans are just hoping Victor Cruz can just stay on the field).


Team Wa-Zangel (Zane)

Ah, the Steelers fan of the draft..but I can’t hate, Team Wa-Zangel drafted well.  A bitter Tom Brady is a very dangerous Tom Brady (I really was hoping you wouldn’t take him there).  AJ is a beast, Lamar Miler has looked great this preseason and indication is the Texans are going to force feed him the rock.  Zane is well-wounded at all positions although his final two picks are questionable.


Under Construction (Chris)

(if someone else wants to do this for my team please do so, I’ll try to be objective but this is awkward)

Under Construction came out of the draft with the best trio of RBs in this year’s Pasta Bowl (until Le’Veon bell returns, at which time it will be a toss-up between his team and Random Drug Tests) with David Johnson, DeMarco, and Jeremy Hill.  Waiting so late to grab a WR2 could prove costly for Chris, who is very high on Marvin Jones due to him emerging as Stafford’s number 1 weapon and targets up for grabs with Megatron’s retirement.  Late in the draft Under Construction selected back-to-back rookie WRs in Tajae Sharpe and Will Fuller – hoping to hit the lottery with one or both.  Both players have impressed in preseason play and figure to see plenty of game action in the regular season – but Chris could be wrong and if so, Under Construction will not be very good.


Team Sweezy (Frank)

In case you didn’t know, Frank was drunk – but still drafted pretty well.  Big Ben might look like a reach in the 3rd round, but that offense has the potential to be out of this world.  Devonte and Doug Martin are a good set of RBs to roll out there week after week.  It’ll be interesting to see who Team Sweezy throws into his Flex spots throughout the season, a lot of similar options make for some tough decisions.  Set it and forget it Frankie!


Last but not least… the commish

Random Drug Tests (Joey)

One of the more solid teams in the Pasta Bowl this season, the first eight selections for Random Drug Tests were used on potheads.  But really, Joey solidified the WR/RB positions very well in the first 8 rounds.  Depending on snap distribution, Chris Ivory has the potential for a monster season.  The glaring question for Joey’s team is QB – Will the Jacksonville offense and Blake Bortles live up to the preseason hype?  If so, Random Drug Tests could roll its’ way right into the playoffs.

That was interesting, first time I’ve done anything like this – hopefully it was at the very least worth reading.


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